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Frequently Asked Questions

Since the DCA does not act as the employer, WE do not insure and bond our domestic applicants although many are independently insured and bonded.
Most of our candidates are professionals in their fields and have either been referred to us or have sought out an established APNA household staffing agency to represent them. We are always recruiting top domestic professionals and each search is specialized according to our client’s needs and preferences.
We have a wide range of ages, from mid-twenties to forties and up.
A searching fee is for those hiring domestic employees; whereas a membership fee is for those who are looking for “on-call” or “as-needed” Sitters.
There is a one-time Registration fee of $150 which will allow you one-year of access to our large pool of professional domestic providers. Below is a list of our placement fees: All full-time Caregivers and Housekeepers (Child Caregivers included) who can give a minimum of a one-year commitment is 12% of the employee’s expected annual gross salary, or a minimum fee of $3500. For part-time employees working 15-35 hours per week, our fee is 15% of the employee’s expected annual gross salary, or a minimum fee of $1750. All Specialized Estate Personnel and Newborn Care Specialists who can give a minimum of a one-year commitment is 20% of the employee’s expected annual gross salary, or a minimum fee of $3500. For part-time employee’s working 15-35 hours per week, our fee is 25% of the employee’s expected annual gross salary, or a minimum fee of $1750. For all agency fees, please refer to our “Placement Fees” page here.
We look forward to starting your search and you can start by going to our home page, clicking on FOR CLIENTS and simply fill out a request form. Feel free to contact the agency directly during our business hours, Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
We place all over the USA. Our main headquarters are in Albuquerque, NM and Austin, TX. The DCA works with other APNA agencies nationwide and cover all of New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and California. For East Coast placements we partner with an APNA agency based out of NYC.
No, we do not share or rent out any person information collected. We highly respect our dealings with clients and applicants confidentially.
No. We just need you to fill out a request form and send it back to us. If an on-site consultation is needed, we will make arrangements to come to your home. Please contact the agency for on-site consultation information and fees.
The amount of time it takes to find a good match varies for each request, but we usually make placements within 1-3 weeks.
We can not ‘guarantee’ our clients that we will find a perfect match, however, we can advise our clients to offer a competitive salary which helps us make the best long-term placements. Offering a competitive salary will allow our clients to chose from the best of our candidates, and these positions are filled very quickly and have a low turn over rate.
The $150 Registration Fee will cover an unlimited amount of searches for each client within the year if the requests are made at the same time.
Domestic Employees are NOT independent contractors, they are considered to be household employees.
Yes, for more information please visit our Tax and Payroll partners here.
All payments must be paid in full before the candidate’s starting work date; this is for every service offered.
We interview candidates nationally for open positions depending upon experience.
The DCA headquarters are in Albuquerque, NM and Austin, TX. For Spanish speaking candidates we have an office in Santa Fe, NM and Houston, TX. We interview candidates at different locations throughout the USA and travel to our client’s homes for on-site consultations of high-end placements. All flight expenses are covered by the agency for all retained searches.
We ask that all serious applicants fill out our online application with an updated resume related directly to the position they’re applying for, along with a recent photo to be considered.
Most interviews last about 45 minutes.
It depends on the position, but feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
No. Our families want to know their children are your first priority.
We send an applicant’s resume and basic information to clients who have scheduled an interview with them. After we place an applicant with a client, we send them hard copies of all the documentation the applicant provided us in the interview, as well as their DMV and criminal records findings.
Yes, but make sure you have verifiable experience in each position if it is required.
No. We are a placement agency that helps employers find the best-qualified domestic employees.
Yes. To ensure the safety of our applicants, all clients must fill out an in depth questionnaire form, as well as having good communication with our staff before we send out an applicant to their home for an interview.