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Newborn Specialists

newbornspecialistsA newborn specialist is there to help a mother and her newborn. At the Deborah Calkin Agency you can request that your newborn caregiver be NCSA certified, have a nursing degree or other newborn training. Some of the most experienced and popular newborn specialists will get booked up very quickly so we always advise our clients to start looking as early as 3 months into pregnancy. A newborn specialist will help you feel completely comfortable with your newborn when they leave, however, most are asked to stay longer than the original agreement period after the family realizes how much of a convenience and help they are to the family. Make sure to take this into consideration when determining the employment time period. According to your due date and the length of stay you have agreed to, the specialist will allow 1 to 2 weeks on either side to guarantee she will be available when your time comes.


To start your search immediately you can complete our Childcare Request Form and a placement specialist will contact you as soon as your request has been reviewed.

Childcare Request Form
Childcare Request Form