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nanniesOur most popular placement! We have one of the largest and most up-to-date nanny databases in the nation as we have nanny placement specialists and recruiters in all major US cities. Our nannies are as unique as our families and they all bring different talents and cultures that help create a safe, warm and well-balanced atmosphere for your family’s lifestyle and your children’s growth.

Nannies are expected to do all childcare related duties as well as light housekeeping. Families should not expect a nanny to do heavy housekeeping, family laundry, ironing or cooking unless this is stated in the job description from the beginning. However, nannies are much more than babysitters. As professional childcare providers our nannies know how to create and schedule your children’s day-to-day activities and busy schedules to help keep your family running smoothly. Our nannies provide nutritious meals, have good driving records and create fun learning activities to help your children thrive in their environment.

The DCA provides nanny training courses, on-site private training and nanny support and resources for all of our nannies and families. Our families are not only getting the best childcare provider for their children but they are also getting all the support and professional advise available at no additional cost before and even after placement. There is no expiration for our nanny support services. For on-site private nanny training, whether or not your nanny was placed through our agency, please contact us for pricing options.


To start your search immediately you can complete our Childcare Request Form and a placement specialist will contact you as soon as your request has been reviewed.

Childcare Request Form
Childcare Request Form