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Why Use The DCA

Internet Agencies and local advertising through classifieds can be very dangerous. There are thousands of scams that take place every day, putting both clients and applicants in potentially harmful and sometimes fatal situations. Internet service agencies never meet, interview, or screen their clients or applicants, which means that they cannot verify if the person is who they say they are. Most do not run legitimate background reports or check references. Going through a web based service is cheap for a reason, but costly in the long run. There is no way of knowing if anything is legit and safe unless you go through a local or non-web based agency who interviews all potential candidates. Our interviewing process is absolutely vital to ensure the safety of all who use our agency. After placement, we also provide our client with hard copies of the employee’s information such as their resume, driver’s license, car insurance, and certifications upon request.

Every applicant must pass a vigorous screening process that involves a thorough nationwide background investigation including: criminal records, legal judgments, and DMV records. Our staff is trained on what kind of questions to ask in interviews, and how to determine if there are any fraudulent references or answers to specific questions. We look for high moral and character references, personal hygiene, appropriate attire, punctuality, personality and responsibility. All of our childcare and eldercare candidates are CPR and First Aid certified; or willing to get certified or re-certified if their certification has expired. We do not send out any applicant who we would not use ourselves.

It is completely FREE for candidates who want to register with us. We do not charge domestic applicants any kind of fee before or after placement. The agency is responsible for the background checks, and the applicant is responsible for any certifications that apply to their position.

About 75% of all applicants who go through the Deborah Calkin Agency are rejected in the interviewing process. We do not send out any candidates to job interviews unless they have passed all of our placement criteria. Some of our basic criteria include 3 personal references, a minimum of 2 references related to the position, or a minimum of 1-3 years of experience. All applicants must also be willing to undergo a further in depth investigation (such as a credit report or fingerprinting) if requested by a potential employer, which is financially covered by the employer. Who has the time to screen and interview a lot of people who have most likely been rejected by our agency? Why would a domestic professional search for jobs independently when it’s safer and free for them to find jobs through us or another hands-on agency? Most of our applicants are wise enough to only go through an agency, shouldn’t you?

At the Deborah Calkin Agency we help you through the entire process from start to finish; which include some of the following examples: employer-employee hiring contracts, emloyee confidentiality agreements, tips and advise for employers and employees, child care training, help in negotiating salary and benefits, Live-In arrangements and much more. Our staff will always be available for any questions or concerns before and even after placement. Our priority is to make sure both client and candidate are happy, and we do this by helping both parties keep open and clear communication. We want you to use us again or tell your friends, and we hope to earn that privilege.