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Our Guarantee

The Deborah Calkin Agency offers a FREE five-day trial period before any placement fee is due or agreements are signed between the client and domestic professional. (All agreements and contracts between the client and domestic professional are provided by the DCA.) This guarantees our clients that they will be 100% satisfied with their employee before they pay the final placement fee. If we are not able to find you your perfect match within the first 30 days we will place you with one of our temporary domestic professionals who will fill in until we introduce you to the “right one”. After the five-day trial period is done and a match is made, you will receive a FREE sixty-day replacement guarantee for your domestic professional that starts on their first day of hire. This is our guarantee for ALL long-term placements.

In life, sometimes there are unforeseen situations, emergencies, and circumstances, which is why we offer this insurance. This guarantees our clients the peace of mind knowing that they will not be stuck with someone they are not completely satisfied with. Most employers know when they’ve been matched with a good fit right away or at least within the first couple of weeks. Our guarantee also allows your domestic employee to decide if you are the right employer for them, as in any relationship, it’s important for both parties to have a mutual understanding and liking.

After the free replacement period we offer a 50% discount for the replacement of a new employee for up to 6 months following the original start date. Between 6 months and the end of the year, if another replacement is needed, we offer a 25% discount of the original placement fee.

The careful matching of the employee’s experience, skills, and personality is where we excel and replacing an employee should only be in a very rare situation. Good communication between you and your consultant is essential. Your consultant will keep you informed and updated during your search and make the entire process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Strictly Confidential

The Deborah Calkin Agency will never share any private information about our clients or our applicants to anyone outside the agency. Only pre-screened candidates who our clients have already chosen to interview will be provided with the details of the job position and the client’s information.

The same applies for our clients who want to know about each candidate before an interview. Our investigation of both clients and applicants help protect the safety and privacy of each party. Only after a placement is made will the client receive, upon request, the applicant’s portfolio. The basic portfolio will include the following items:

  • Photocopies of Drivers License or Passport, Social Security Card, Green Card or Visa
  • Nation-Wide Criminal Background Report
  • DMV Records
  • Any job related Certifications
  • College Degrees
  • Resume
  • References

Confidentiality is our responsibility and we take this very seriously. The Deborah Calkin Agency signs confidentiality agreements with all clients and applicants. When advertising for a specific position, the agency only provides the general information about the job and not the client. We do not disclose any of our client’s personal information or inform anyone outside the agency of any further details about our client or the position.

If required by a client, the Deborah Calkin Agency consultants adhere to a full background check, which is independently and financially covered by the client. All employees of the DCA have been pre-screened but are not opposed to further investigations by the client.